Inkless Print Frame Kit Blue


Create an everlasting keepsake of your baby’s hand or footprints with this all inclusive inkless print frame kit.

Forget messy ink or paint, the inkless print kit is 100% baby safe, mess free and easy to use.  Just wipe your child’s hand or foot with the miraculous inkless wipe, and gently apply the child’s hand or foot to the specially treated paper provided.  Within seconds a detailed print magically appears and is dry instantly, whilst your child’s hand or foot remains clean.  No mess, no fuss and no cleaning up.  Insert your precious print into the frame and another print into your baby book to create a lasting memory.


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Kit contains:

1 Non-toxic inkless wipe

3 Treated papers



Frame measures 22cm x 17cm outside and 17.5cm x 13cm in the image area


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